ECO Pillars

ECO PILLAR – New Product on the Market.

Produced by an innovative patent-protected technology.



  • It is intended primarily for use in agriculture, as a carrier of Spalding and antifactal networks in mines, vineyards, and orchards, then as a carrier of all kinds of fences, but it can be used in all other areas, especially in construction.
    EKO Stub consists of an innovative thick-walled profile filled with an innovative mixture of recycled and bonded materials.
  • The thick-walled profile is composed of a mixture of several types of recycled plastic, carefully chosen for its properties, which give it exceptional characteristics: Strength, elasticity, toughness, UV stability, self-extinguishing, resistance to external influences, etc.
  • The very surface of the pillar is not a suitable environment for the development of bacteria, fungi and other pests that would be a potential threat to the plant it carries.
  • Innovative fillings have concrete characteristics in terms of hardness, but it is more elastic and significant LIGHTER (1m ‘pillar 4.2 kg).
  • ECO Pillar does not require additional maintenance in terms of painting and coating with protective agents.